My Mess, His Message


I have a confession to make.

As a young woman I made a series of bad decisions that led to more and more bad decisions.  These decisions shaped the woman I was becoming, which is not who I wanted to be and certainly not who God planned for me to be.  Through His grace and mercy, He called me back and led me into a journey that has brought repentance, forgiveness, healing, redemption and beautiful restoration in my life.

Many of you know my story or parts of my story.  Many of you do not. is a blog that is a response to God’s call on my life to make my mess my message.  I am not a writer.  Only through and with Christ am I adequate to do this.

I invite you to peek behind the curtain at the broken, confused mess of sin that was defining me.  I invite you to share this journey with me as I tell a story of a lost, deceived and selfish young woman.  I invite you to experience the forgiveness and love that my Savior has shown me time and time again.  I invite you to get to know our Heavenly Father in a very real and personal way, just as I have and still am.

If you would like to follow this blog, you will see a “Follow” button at the bottom left of the screen when you go to the website above.  Simply enter your email address and select “Sign me up”.

A very special “Thank You” to my one and only, Brad Church, for being my biggest support and pouring so much wisdom, love and compassion into me.

Thank you for hearing my confession.  I pray that God will use this blog as an instrument of His voice for the glory of His kingdom.

Love in Christ,

Heather Church


Comments on: "Confession" (5)

  1. said:

    I am praying for you Heather. I know God is going to use you In a mighty way. I am very proud of the way you are answering God’s call.

    Love you, Mom

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Couldn’t agree more! You have an amazing daughter and we are loved by an incredible God–blessed to be her friend!

  2. Angela Dew said:

    Thanks for sharing your journey, Heather, and letting us come along!

  3. Thank you for your vulnerability, I am sure we all have so much to learn as we travel with you through this journey!

  4. Michelle Millington said:

    I’m excited to see God bringing beauty out of your ashes. I’m praying for you as you continue on this path 🙂

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